Dr. Fixit Dampguard

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  1. Economical – Water dilutable with high coverage hence economical.
  2. Application advantage – Being water based it can be applied over damp concrete & plaster surfaces and provides excellent water resistant coating.
  3. Permeability – Reduces water absorption & permeability.
  4. Adhesion – Provides excellent adhesion to all cementitious substrates
  5. Film properties – Forms tough, hard & flexible coating.
  6. Chemical resistant – Excellent resistance to water, salt water, mild acids, alkalis & soap water.
  7. Water pressure – Can be applied from both sides of water pressure.
  8. Toxicity – It is Non-toxic
  9. Eco-friendly – Non-hazardous and non-flammable.
  10. Microbial resistant – Possesses anti-fungal property and is resistant to micro-organisms.



Dr. Fixit Dampguard is a two-component coating composed of epoxy resin, curing agent, inert pigments & properly selected fine fillers, additives in water as a medium. It has an advantage of dilution with water for application over cementitious surfaces. It is used as an internal coating for the waterproofing treatments of water tanks and building walls because it can be applied over damp surfaces, has excellent water resistance, adhesion,

hardness, toughness and sets faster similar to solvent based epoxy formulations.

Areas of Application

  1. Waterproofing treatment for RCC water tanks.
  2. Internal damp treatments.
  3. As putty with OPC- White cement to fill the fine cracks of internal walls.
  4. In sterile areas of pharma, food industries & hatcheries.



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