Dr. Fixit Dampfree

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  1. Water based – Water insensitive, hence ideal for grouting moisture laden areas.
  2. Consistency – Water like consistency provides excellent penetration which is required for injection grouting.
  3. Durability – Increases the life expectancy of masonry, because provides damp free (dry zone) surfaces.
  4. Micro-organism growth – Protects from moss & fungal growth.
  5. Freeze-thaw resistance – Less sensitivity to frost-thaw cycles.



Dr. Fixit Dampfree is a single component, water dilutable injection grout based on water soluble siliconates.

It is used for solving the persistent problem of rising dampness in brick masonry structures due to water ingress by capillary action. Reacts with the functional group of construction materials & forms waterproofing layer between the brick joints.

It is effective for masonry structures as well as porous construction materials, for old structures, monuments and in areas having high water table level.

Dampproofing of

  1. Brick masonry structures
  2. High water table area superstructures
  3. Old & new structures


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