100Amps 3-Phase Automatic Changeover with Generator Auto-Start

180,000 150,000

  • Less than 24 hours delivery & installation (within Lagos)
  • MOQ: 1


  • For three phase Generators up to 40kVA
  • Can be used for both diesel and petrol generators. Also supports a backup petrol generator when used with diesel generators
  • Automatically changes over to PHCN when available and switches off the generator
  • Automatically starts the generator when their is main power failure and changes over to the generator supply
  • Auto-start and Auto-stop functions can each be enabled or disabled as desired by the user.
  • Ultra fast changeover process; your appliances will not notice the change of power and will not go off
  • Allows users to start and stop their generators from the comfort of the device.
  • Can be used in either automatic or manual mode
  • No user interaction is needed for changeover to occur when operating in automatic mode
  • Three phase, 100A, 40kVA maximum output capacity
  • Easy to install and can be installed by a diesel generator electrical technician
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: DEC/ATS301
  • Manufacturer: Decrownies Electronics


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